How Long Can Gift Hampers Last?

With the option to customise your very own hamper from the ground up, have it packed with an assortment of tasty treats and exciting goodies and then sit back as the delivery is taken care of for you – gift hampers are rapidly becoming the first port of call for all types of special event. For those wondering how long these types of products can last, the answer is simple.

It’s not about the longevity of the basket – it has everything to do with what goes inside.

Could you make an immortal Xmas hamper?

There are some things in life that never go stale and won’t ever decompose. They include honey, vinegar, salt, sugar, dried beans, maple syrup and even white rice (which has a lifespan of between thirty and forty years, if it’s well kept). What this means is that you could in fact create a hamper for storage (ready and waiting for a birthday or celebration), or to give to a loved one that might not go through their goodies as quickly as others would.

There are some alcohols that fall into the category of ‘ever-living’ as well and these can include certain ports, rums and wines. Vintage wine can fetch quite a price, so if you really wanted to offer a gift that could be appreciated for years to come – a hamper that includes one of these types of wine may well be the way to go.

What about shorter-lived hampers?

If we’re honest, hampers aren’t really supposed to be stored and kept forever – unless you want to buy early to miss the Christmas rush, for example.

For those of you that are keen to make sure that your loved one gets to enjoy what you’ve bought for them as soon as possible, there’s really no limit on what you could include. Chocolates, sweets, beverages, gadgets and accessories are readily offered by hamper making companies – and if you’re shopping with your budget in mind, then there’s really no better place to start your search than online.

By doing so, you could find a very affordable hamper brand that can take care of the customisation, the packaging and even the delivery on your behalf. If you want your hamper to arrive at a certain time, you should be able to have that taken care of. If you’d prefer to have it delivered to your address for safe keeping until the time is right – you could opt for that alternative instead (as long as the components within your gift will last!)